Kondator QuickClick CPU-Hållare, Silver

QuickClick computer holder, quick lock, max weight 15kg, incl. expansion rail, silver

Computer holder that is fast, secure & functional!

An elegant and secure CPU holder for the new generation of small and medium-sized desktop computers. QuickClick adjusts very easily with quick-lock “Ratchet Control”, for absolutely secure locking.

Supplied complete with Expansion rail for extended max width 185 mm.

• Designed for the new generation of desktops.
• Quick Ratchet Control
• No retrofit required
• Still construction
• Pre-assembled rubber pucks
• Pattern protected RCD 001785353

Dimensions: Width min / max 40-125
Height min / max 225-435 mm.
Maximum weight on computer 15 kg.

ARTNR 427-1203